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Quantum dots (QDs)

Quantum dots (QDs) are semiconductor particles of a few nanometres in size whose optical and electronic properties differ from those of larger particles due to quantum mechanics.

  • CdSe/ZnS, hydrophobic

    CdSe/ZnS quantum dots are gradient alloyed semiconductor materials with optical/electronic properties, high fluorescence efficiency, low toxicity and easy cellular absorption. 530, 540, 550, 560, 570, 580, 590, 600, 610, 620, 630, 640, 650 nm, powder, hydrophobic, highly luminescent semiconductor. ZnS thickness 0,6 nm
  • CdTe, hydrophilic

    CdTe quantum dots Easily form colloidal solutions in water. Terminated with -COOH group. Supplied as a powder readily soluble in water. Ideal for labeling purposes. Coupling with -NH2 groups can be achieved through EDC-mediated esterification.
  • Perovskite, hydrophobic

    Cd-free strongly luminescent perovskite quantum dots of the general structure ABC3 coated with hydrophobic organic ligands.
  • ZnCdSe/ZnS, hydrophobic

    Highly luminescent semiconductor nanocrystals coated with hydrophobic organic molecules.
  • ZnCdSeS, hydrophilic

    Alloyed QDs are the newest generation of low-cadmium, highly luminescent semiconductor nanocrystals with improved stability and compatibility with composites. Coated with hydrophilic organic molecules. Readily soluble in water. Diameter ca. 6 nm. Supplied dry.
  • ZnCuInS/ZnS, hydrophobic

    Non-toxic luminescent Zn-Cu-In-S / ZnS (core / shell) quantum dots coated with hydrophobic organic ligands. Readily soluble in toluene, chloroform and similar solvents. Not soluble in water, alcohols, ethers.
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