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Graphene nanoplatelets EMFM


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Graphene nanoplatelets EMFM

Graphene Nanoplatelets are unique nanoparticles consisting of short stacks of graphene sheets in platelet form.

Each type contains particles with a similar average thickness and surface area.


Graphene nanoplatelets EMFM – EM100010


Graphene Nanoplatelets, EMFM particles have an average thickness of about 6 to 8 nanometres and a typical surface area of 120 to 150 m2/g.

Average particle diameter 5 microns


High performance additive for compounds with PPO, POM, PPS, PC, ABS, PP, PE, PS, nylon and rubber.

It improves tensile strength, stiffness, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, antistatic electricity and lubricating properties of compounds.

Modification of conductivity.




Safety Data Sheet


Technical Data Sheet

Chemial Name: Graphene nanoplatelets EMFM
Color and Texture: Black or grey / Solid
Odor: Odourless
Dispersibility: N/A


Apparent density (g/cc): 0.03 – 0.1
Humidity (TGA): N/A
Melting point (°C): N/A
Solubility (Solvent): Insoluble
Elemental Analysis: N/A

Estimated delivery time:

Europe: 1-2 days
Worldwide: 3-7 days

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Returns will not be accepted for material incompatibility, misuse, misapplication, incorrect or excessive ordering, improper storage or handling resulting in premature material degradation or loss of performance.

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